Free DVD rental

So the library has this tiny shelf of DVDs right by the check out. Occasionally I'll find something good on there, but usually it's just full of things like Veggie Tales and Once Upon a Potty for Her. Then I got the brilliant idea that I could reserve the DVDs, thus opening myself up to all the other DVDs at the eight other branches, plus all the ones that are perpetually checked out.

The first week I put some on reserve and none of them showed up. This week I put a whole bunch more on the list and I got a mother load in today. It's all cost free and I can have them checked out for up to three weeks! I will see if I can possibly make up for lost tax dollars by checking out every movie I am remotely interested in from the Library.

Here's what I got:

The Hours
Four Wedding and a Funeral
Gosford Park
Maria Full of Grace
War of the Worlds - the new one
Silver Streak - which has Gene Wilder in it
Several Best of SNLs

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