Invitations and Such

Jeff has been working on the invitations and enclosure for the wedding invitation. They look really good. He's using some watercolors he did this quarter. He's been spending a lot of time on the maps, so appreciate them when you get them in the mail. Also, we are going to have our very own wedding website. Jeff is working on the layout. I am supposed to be working on the content. I should do that today. However, it maybe too beautiful out to stay at the computer much longer. I can only tolerate it right now because both doors are open.

I have been working on the addressing of the envelopes. I know you are supposed to write it all out by hand, but my handwriting is so terrible, the computer would have been better.

I also need to go buy the stamps. Here are the options:

I will probably get the lavender one. I think I can order online, I'll do that. We also need postcard stamps for the RSVP. I think we only get one option, which I happen to like a lot. Too bad there aren't more butterfly themed stamps this spring.

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