One Job Women

This is my first weekend, where I don't have to work at The Gallery! I will miss it just a little, I worked for good people and it was an easy job. I tried to take a picture of the inside of the gallery the last time I worked, but it's very cluttered and not that big. There is stuff hanging on every possible wall space, hanging from the ceiling and all over the floor. I will not miss trying to keep all of it dusted.

In other exciting news I got my first 40 hour pay check from the Nursery, and just let me tell you, it feels good to get paid.

In other monitary related news, Jeff got into a class called Passages, where they make sculptures and float them down the Savannah River as a symbol of the students who are graduating going out into the world, or some such thing. The class comes with a tuition waver, and with a lot of effort on Jeff's part, he got it. The professors were very unorganized and lost his portfolio once and there were a myriad of other problems on their end. The result is, Jeff used one of his electives to take this class and saved him/us $2500. That's how much one class costs at SCAD. Amazing isn't it? A whole semester at ISU costs a little over $3000, but one class, for one quarter at SCAD is $2500. Or another compairson, the cost of our wedding and honeymoon is equal to half a year at SCAD.

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  1. Well, that pays for the photographer then, doesn't it? I knew Jeff would figure out a way. . .