Police Report and Bike

Jeff retrieved his bike. As you can see from the picture, the front of the bike isn't so good for riding anymore. He also picked up the accident report and oddly it is a woman from Michigan who hit him. She was given a citation, so we assume the fault lies with her, as Jeff was not ticketed. The police report lists Jeff's vehicle as operational. I'd like to see the police officer ride that!

When Jeff took his bike to a repair shop they told him to just get a new bike. The insurance will most likely just buy him a new bike. However, he is kind of attached to his 70's Raleigh street bike, so he's going to look around to see if there is someone who will fix it up for him.

As for Jeff's wounds they look a lot better. Many of the smaller scratches and scrapes are healing quickly. Soon it will be just the two deeper cuts on his side, the one on his upper forarm and his elbow that will still look terrible. Little pieces of glass continue to be pushed to the surface around his elbow, which is pretty gross. It really is amazing how the body can heal itself.

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