Return from the Forest Hostel

The Hostel in the Forest was lovely. We arrived around two in the afternoon on Saturday. Our little bamboo hut was nice. We had a full bed and several shelves and hooks. There was a ceiling fan and all the windows were screened in so we had a nice breeze.

After making our bed, we headed down to the lake. The lake is clear, you can see all the way to the bottom. It isn't that deep, maybe 20 feet at its deepest. There is a floating raft in the middle that we swam out to. After our dip in the lake we took naps until dinner. The communal meal was nice. We had a vegetarian dish that was kind of like lasagna with out noodles along with apple walnut salad and broccoli cassarole. Then everyone pitched in and washed the dishes. They have an interesting water system where all the water is untreated unless it is for drinking. Then it is filter right back into the ground. They call it a grey water system.

We went for a midnight swim and talked with some of the other hostel goers. A group of which all spoke Spanish, but were from all over the world. It made me wish I could speak Spanish. From the sounds of it, the hostel was really busy the week before with lots of families on their spring break, so all the staff was low key and generally not to be found. Although we did see lots of lizards and skinks.

Jeff and I both did a lot of reading on the front porch. I would definately go again. It might even be nice to go with a bigger group. Although we'd need to book a couple weeks ahead of time.

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  1. Anonymous4/25/2006

    Hey Foy, how much did this cost you and where is it? I'm going on a road trip with my old roommate, Brian, we don't have a destination for sure, but I want to go live in a treehouse for sure!