Things I might be need doin' this here weekend

  • Register at Sears
  • Finish addressing envelopes
  • Buy stamps and mail the dresses I resold on ebay
  • Lay out for just long enough to defuse the farmer's tan I am getting - it rained or was cloudy almost all day Saturday, I tried to get a little sun, but I don't think it did much good.
  • Find a place for my parents to stay when they visit in a couple weeks
  • Take more clothes to the cosignment store and pick up check!
  • Recycle all the crap in my trunk
  • Find some where to donate old magazines - The local women's shelter might take them, or I could recycle them. Anyone want some magazines? *Looks Marigold's way* I have a bunch of Self, Simple Living, Gardening Magazines. Do you think there is a class at SCAD that needs them for collage or something?

I might could get id all done, 'cept I got to work all darn day at the gallery on the Sabbath!


  1. Anonymous4/07/2006

    Gallery? I thought you were done with the gallery...or is that upcoming? Good luck with everything...


  2. This is the "favor" that Theresa asked of me when I gave notice. Since I was feeling guilty for quitting on them, I got suckered into it.