Week of Crappiness

Would you like to see some grusome pictures of Jeff's injuries? I didn't just post them because I wasn't sure you'd want to be greeted by that site. (If you don't have a password for snapfish.com, go to Bugmenot.com, to get a loaner.) I used my old digi cam because the new one's batteries were dead. Thus the pictures aren't as clear as they could be, which is okay, because who wants to see the grizzly details that close anyway?

Jeff saw the plastic surgeon yesterday and the doctor didn't think his elbow was as terrible as the ER guys led on. He doesn't need a skin graft or anything. He just has to apply goo to it twice a day and keep it covered with these special bandages that don't stick to the wound. He'll have some nasty scars, but he should keep full function of his elbow.

Also, we called the cell phone insurance people and a new phone arrived today. (It is charging, and as of yet, inactivated.) We haven't picked up his bike or gotten the police report yet, but it is on the list of things to do.

While all this stuff was going on, our water heater started leaking all over and the toilet has been slowly seeping water too. So we've had our kitchen and bathroom all torn up for the last couple days. Tuesday the new water heater just sat in the middle of the kitchen, Wednesday the counter and sink were removed to gain access to the broken water heater. Thursday they installed the water heater and left. The floor was a muddy, rusty mess. None of the surfaces had been cleaned, lots of trash from the installation was left in our kitchen. So I spent part of yesterday cleaning up that mess. After all that cleaning, I went to take a shower and the water was still cold. So Jeff and I fussed with the water heater, but to no avail, so I washed my hair in cold water. Today the fix it guy is supposed to really fix the water heater. The toilet is still not fixed.

Also, while we were driving to the plastic surgeon guy, who was all the way in South Carolina, my air conditioning fan turned on full blast. Even when the car was off, it was still blowing full blast. I was worried it would drain the battery. So I drove it straight to Savannah Tire and they turned it off, but apparently the interface (the buttons that turn my air on and off in the dash board) jammed and then it over heated and melted something. The end result being, I need to replace the interface. The AC technically works, but I don't have any way to turn it on. In fact, I don't have any defrost, fans or anything that makes air move beyond rolling down the windows. I will have to pay $450 to have a new piece installed. I think I'll wait until after we figure out who's going to pay for all Jeff's medical stuff, before I make that purchase.

That concludes the week of crappy things happening to us.

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  1. I am so sorry that all this terrible stuff is happening to you. We will be back in town on Wednesday evening and I hope that we will talk soon after that. At least Jeff will have some cool scars and a good story in the end.