The Weekend

My parents came and visited and it was fun, for one day. We went and did the garden tour and ate at the Firefly. Then I got horribly sick. Yucky, puckey, icky sick! For about five hours I couldn't leave the bathroom, and for about 12 hours I just laid around feeling gross and nauseated. But, by about hour 24, I could stomache bread and tea. And now, a day or so later, I am fine. However, I missed out on hanging with my family.

This morning Jeff is sick. He's still in the laying around feeling gross and nauseated stage. He was supposed to go eat a giant hamburger last night, and get his name on a plaque on the wall, but we postponed till tonight, however, I don't think he'll be able to do it tonight either. Hopefully, he'll recover in 24 hours, like I did, and be able to get back to class tomorrow. I doubt he’ll be able to do the hamburger thing for a little while though.

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