12 Days until we move out

Today, I got more things checked off my list.

  1. Donate old magazines to the Library magazine exchange *check*
  2. Vacuumed out car *check* I actually did this while working with the work
    vacuume. So I got paid to vacuume out my car, nice.
  3. While I was cleaning out my car I found more stuff to take to Good Will, so I took it to Good Will. *check*
  4. Called and got an appointment for an oil change tomorrow *half check* I’ll get the full check, once I actually have it done.
  5. Use up more random food stuffs. *check* Tonight’s enchiladas use up the frozen black beans, ground turkey, roasted red peppers, cheddar and monetary jack cheese, olives, and tortillas.

Tonight and tomorrow I will, mail the rehearsal dinner invitations, call around to find somewhere in Ames to alter Jeff’s suit, start packing the trunk of my car, and do laundry.

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