Baby Haske

Jeff and I went to a baby shower for Baby Haske this afternoon. It was fun. I believe this is the first baby shower, I have ever gone to, for friends that were married. Oddly, I went to baby showers before I went to weddings. Now there are more weddings, but I just found out Jennifer and Joe are expecting, so maybe I will get to go to more baby showers.

In other news, we are figuring out how moving will work. This is the schedule thus far:

May 31 - Foy's last day of work
June 1 - Jeff's last day of class - and Jeff's parents arrive
June 2 - Jeff's floating sculpture thing "Passages"
June 3 - Jeff's graduation
June 4 - Jeff's parents leave
June 5 - We pack up and leave that night or early on the 6th
June 6 - Drive
June 7 - Arrive in Iowa
June 8 - Sleep
June 9 - Unpack and move in to our new appartment
June 10 - Jeff's Bachelor Party

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