Check that off the list

I have been productive, I have been working to get things done as if we have to be out of the apartment on May 31. (We have to be out June 5.) So far I have:
  1. Recycled everything under the sink and in my car trunk. *Check* All our cans/plastics/paper for the next week will have to go to land fill aka the site of Savannah's next public school.
  2. Go through my closest and make piles of things to throw out and things to go to Good Will. Take those things to Good Will. *Check*
  3. Go through the food stuffs and try and use up what's in the cupboard. *Check* We are having some sort of pasta dish tonight concocted from organic tomato sauce, onions, olives and vegeburgers and 1/2 a box of left over ziti.
  4. Decide to fix my car's A/C or not. *Check* Definitely not, after analyzing our finances we should be $400 in the hole after Adam and Emily's wedding in July, and I didn't even factor in the cost of going to the wedding.
  5. Finish listing eBay stuff. *Check* I have been listing the wedding dresses and swimsuits I acquired while in Savannah, so far I have earned $80 over what I spent, hopefully I'll earn another $80 or so before we leave.

I still need to do things like, get oil changed, buy Ying-Ling Beer, clean out the car, find someone to take my plants, and take old magazines to the Library magazine exchange. Oh and we need to do the whole pack and clean the apartment thing. Not to mention our apartment is being shown again tomorrow, so I need to clear away some of the clutter that is starting to brew.

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