Hostel in the Forest

We are going to Hostel in the Forest for the weekend. You know how I said, "Florida was vetoed [for the wedding location] because it just sounded sleezy." Well if we had visited Hostel in the Forest before we made that decision, I just might have tried to get Jeff to have the wedding there. *Although technically it is in Georgia*

There is this great glass house back in the woods that has a Japanese-style wooden bridge you have to walk over before you reach it. It is a beautiful space with water on three sides and a beautiful porch on the third. It would make a great wedding location. Then everyone could have had an organic dinner in the main domes and spend the night in tree houses. The glitch would be there are only composting toilets. If you have to pee you go "water the trees." Some how I don't think this would go over well with everyone who would come to the wedding. Maybe I'll talk Clarissa into getting married there, that is if she ever wants to get married. Or maybe we'll do an aniversary party there. The only problem is lots of people will go out of their way to go to a wedding, but for an aniversary party, not so much. Although I don't think the hostel can have more than 20 guests, so it couldn't be a very big party anyway.

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