Jeff Doesn't Even Know This Yet

I just got home and checked my email. We got emails from the Peace Corps. There are good things and bad and eh things. The bad, we are nominated for a program that doesn't leave until next May, that's a full year from now. The good news? It is in Latin America! The eh thing is that we are both required to take some Spanish classes before we go.

I have to take three semesters and Jeff has to take two. Why do I have to take more? I'm not sure. I had two years of high school Spanish, Jeff might have had three, I don't recall. Incidentally, can I take three semesters before next May? Maybe if there were some summer courses. Where would we take them? ISU? DMAC? These things must be explored.

But the language issue asside, I'll be working with Applied Agricultural Science. Jeff will be with Agriculture and Forestry Extension. They sound kind of like the same thing.

Well, I guess we have new things to look into. Exciting! Maybe I can start work towards my Masters now and be a full time student come fall.

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  1. Wow, Foy. Exciting, interesting. You could work on your master's--all it takes is money, yowsers! I could have 3 kids in college at the same time; every parent's dream.