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Marigold wants that picture of Jeff and the giant hamburger to go away, so I will post something.

What's on my mind right now? The wedding. It has gone through a lot of changes from what we wanted into what was expected. People always say they want their wedding to be a reflection of them and be unique to them, but what really happens, is your wedding is a reflection of you, your family, friends, and community. Here is the evolution of our wedding plans as far as size and location go.

Tropical Destination Wedding Faze
Originally we were going to do this destination wedding in some cool tropical location, and to hell will those who couldn't make it. We'd choose a small core of people that we had to have at the wedding and then invite everyone we knew and who ever showed up, would be great. Then, we realized that the people who would come are the ones who could afford to come and not necessarily those who we'd really want there. And some of the people we really wanted wouldn't be able to come. Also, it would be really expensive for us.

Local Destination Wedding Faze
Perhaps we should have a cool destination wedding State side? We looked into Boundary Waters outfitter type establishments, Jeff’s Family's Minnesota Cabin, and Florida Resorts. Jeff decides that if it was going to be destination, it should be tropical. Florida gets vetoed, because it just sounds sleazy.

Small Iowa Wedding Faze
It would make our grandparents happy, not to mention the many people who didn't have the time or money to travel happy, if the wedding was local. So we thought maybe a around 80 people at the wedding, would be nice.

Medium Iowa Wedding Faze
Well, if we were going local, we might as well invite all those obligatory cousins and people that you only see at Christmas for a couple hours. The wedding climbs to 120 or so people.

Large Iowa Wedding Faze
Well, if you invite so-and-so you have to invite so-and-so, snow balls. People start talking about whether or not they'll be able to attend, and we didn't even plan on inviting them, so they have to be added. people only one of us has met once when he was nine, become required invitees. However, we are assured that they will, "give a good gift." The final count sits right around 175 people invited.

Amazing, I never intended to have a big wedding, but that's just what I mean when I say, "your wedding isn't yours alone". We (but mostly I) had to learn to let other people make some decisions. If it makes the most people happy and keeps the peace, then that's the right way to do it. I guess that is why there's a honeymoon, so at least something is yours to plan and do the way you want to.

How's that for a post? At least that gigantic burger isn't staring at you anymore.


  1. I know exactly what you mean.

  2. But now when your blissfully naive friends become engaged and are all, "This wedding is going to be all about us and a reflection of our love." You can give them the sad nod and sigh and say, "HA! You stupid fools! Good luck with that." And they will think you are a crudgedy old bitch who just didn't know how to express your love in the form of a wedding, but really you'll be right all along.