I put the bed, chair and vanity set up on Craigs List yesterday. Today I sold the vanity set for $30. This is 100% profit, because we got it for free. It was kind of sad to see it go. Mostly because now my computer has to live on the floor and all my clothes that were in the drawers are on the floor.

I hope we can get the bed sold. That would be really nice, we could always just leave it here, but it would be nice to get $50 for it. I doubt anyone will want the chair even though it is only up for $10. There is so much stuff on Craigs List right now. I do have hope because we will be here after June 1 and maybe people will be moving done moving out and starting to move back in.

I don't look forward to moving, but I do look forward to being back in Ames.

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