I found a place to sublease for the summer. Thanks to my lovely sister for pulling down fliers when she was on campus and also checking out the apartment. The place seems like a really good deal. We are going to pay $350 a month for June and July. (Hopefully, we'll be back in Ames by the 10th of June.) The person who's lease it is will pay a little over a hundred dollars a month for us. There is an option to sign the apartment for the next year. The apartment is over on South 4th by Hy-Vee & Hobby Lobby. It has airconditioning, a dishwasher, and balcony. I am excited, there is no way it can possibly be smaller than the current apartment we are in.

If all you Ames people could be on the look out for queen to king size beds that would be awesome. We won't be able to fit our current bed into either car, so we'll need to buy one when we get to Ames.


  1. Foy, This is from my mom:

    "Tell foy I love her. I just checked your blog and went to the
    link she
    provided. Now I can take the page to a plant store and see if I
    can order more.
    She'll have to look at my garden sometime to help me identify
    possible plants or

    She loves you!


  2. I'd love to come over and help ID plants. Good luck finding species tulips, they are kind of unusual. I am sure you could find them in catologs. Most nurseries should be able to order them as well.