Wedding Update

There have been so many other things happening that I haven't gotten a chance to update on what has been going on with the wedding.

The Jeff's New Clothes - Jeff has a snazzy Italian linen suit for the wedding. Don't worry, he didn't get the ugly peach tie. He hasn't tried it on yet, cuz it might get goo from his arm on it, but it sure looks nice.
The Table's New Clothes - I rented linens for the reception, but then decided that I could buy napkins for about the same price. So I have been searching eBay for lots of vintage mix and match napkins. I am not having much luck with the 90" round table clothes, but I think the rented white ones will be fine. I don't want to compete with the pretty napkins. I think it would be really cool to make a quilt out of our wedding linens.

Laurence the Magician, I mean Musician - Laurance has agreed to play cello for the ceremony. His sister, Mary, might even accompany on violin. I am super excited about this! We had no idea what we were going to do and then Jeff ask, "who do we know that plays guitar?" It came to us at the same time, Laurence and his cello would be way better than someone we don't know.

Color Doesn't Matter - Whether you wear brown or white or purple, you will be welcome at our wedding. I origonally had a color theme, but we aren't paying any attention to it. Over all I think there will be kind of a vintage, garden party type feel, but what ever. Just be comfortable and come to have fun!

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