Why do they call it "Hostel"?

We had another lovely weekend at Hostel in the Forest. We went with Diana and Nate, whom we met at a coffee shop in Savannah (even though they live in Statesboro).

We stayed in the Screen Hut this time. All four walls are screens, with a roof on top. There was no ceiling fan in this hut. However, once it cooled down at night it was a very pleasant place to sleep. Also, we were farther from the chickens so the rooster crowing didn't wake me up. The hostel had just gotten baby chicks in the mail and they had a little incubator set up for them. They were just fluffy little yellow puffs with feet. I want to have chickens when I grow up.

Dinner was once again delicious. There was a Mexican casserole, tortilla soup, fresh salsa, homemade tortilla chips and corn bread. The meal alone is worth the $20 per day charge.

We did a lot of swimming in the lake. I wore lots of sun screen, but I think I am making head way on not having a farmer's tan for the wedding/honeymoon. In fact, I don't think I'll have any tan lines, if you catch my drift. Saturday night, we went for a late night swim. Some one had come up with the brilliant idea to attach rocks to glow sticks and dive for them. The pond is about 16 feet deep and the glow sticks were tossed and retrieved many times.

I will definitely have to go back again.


  1. Anonymous5/22/2006

    This place sounds better every time you mention it. Do places like it exist in other states, like, say NC??

  2. Foy,
    You must be related to me. I still want to have chickens and I believe it is not unlawful in Ames. However, reality sets in. I would hate to have them in this little-bitty pen, so then I'd need to fence the backyard, but of course I don't like that idea much either. So I go to the county fair and admire the many breeds of chickens. May you have chickens some day.
    P.S. But perhaps no roosters, eh?