Bed Karma

We had to leave our bed in Savannah. It just wouldn't fit in either of our cars and we weren't renting a u-haul for it. So we sold it for $50 on Craig's List. When we got to Ames we slept on an airmatress, and then my parents gave us two twins that we pushed together and pretended were a king. Then I put a want ad up on Craig's List for a king or queen bed. A couple days later, I was contacted. This person wanted to sell her queen for $100. However, I didn't check my email regularly, so I didn't see the email. So she emailed again offering it for $50. We arranged for pick up in Des Moines.

Jeff strapped the boxsprings to the roof of my dad's van, crammed the mattress inside, and with the help of friends moved it into our apartment. Now we have a queen bed. It's actually really nice. It's a two year old Sealy. It sits really high. When our pillows fall off the bed, we actually have to reach down for them and fish them off the floor.

In light of our new bed, I added some queen size bedding stuff to our registries (Bed Bath and Beyond and Target). The old twin comforter doesn't quite cover the whole bed.

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