The Graduate and what all our worldly Possessions look like

This is The Graduate

This is all our stuff in the court yard.

We are almost all packed and ready to go. It is 5:30 or so here. We are just about to make the longest drive I have ever done solo. I think I get to count it as solo, since I am driving all of it, even though Jeff will be close by in his own car.

While at the beach yesterday, Jeff went swimming, with his cell phone. He does have phone insurance, however, they couldn't get a phone here until tomorrow, so we are driving with just my phone. We were really counting on our phones as a way to communicate. To fix this problem, Jeff suggested Walkie Talkies. I went to Home Depot and bought them. We both needed to brush up on our Rogers, and Over and Outs, so here's the perfect opprotunity.

We'll see all you Ames People in about two days. You're all going to help us move in right?


  1. Anonymous6/06/2006

    Congratulations, Jeff!

    Safe travels, you two...


  2. Anonymous6/06/2006

    Give us a call as soon as you get in to town - can't wait to see you guys in the flesh again! I'm sure we can help with the moving of stuff. And congrats, Jeff.

    - Tom