Master Jeff

Jeff is officially a master. After a five hour cerimony and being bored to tears, it is all over. Jeff's mother, father and step mother were all in town for the occasion. They brought a whorl wind of activity with them. I think I am ready to go back to the slow pace of The South.

Neither of us has slept well the last couple days and we've been scheduled to the hilt, so we decided to take today and sleep in and relax. We might get some packing done, but we might go to the beach too.

I think we are ready to move on. Although, I still haven't braced myself for the drive across country. We are not the only ones on the move. I think Marigold and Steve should be starting across Texas right now on their treck to California. Phil and Heather should be some where in North Carolina as they take all their worldly belongings to Maryland. Soon we shall join them in the college student migration across country. I would like to think this will be the last time we make this journey. The one where all our worldly belongs are stuffed into our cars and we move them to some place we have never seen before. I know better. We aren't quite ready to settle down yet. Maybe in another five years or so and another two or three migrations.


  1. Actually we have beached ourselves at my dad's house in Slidell, Leezyanna. The Big Drive begins tomorrow. West Texas, here we come! Yeee-HAW! It is good that we took a break here for a couple of days, though, because my feet and ankles began swelling after moving day, and by the time we got here they swelled up to about twice their normal size. Steve called them my "freakish and plastic club feet." I have been alternately keeping them elevated and soaking them in my sister's pool.

  2. Thanks so much for helping us move just before your big move! I'm glad you guys are finally turning the page!