One can dream!

A goodly portion of our belongings are half unpacked sitting on the living room floor and I am already considering our next move. I want to live on the West Coast before I settle down.

I can't bring myself to want to move in another month. We'd have to find a new location, find college level Spanish classes. No, I don't think we'll move right away.

I've been looking at the master's fellowship programs the PC offers and where they are located. The most appealing program is at University of Wisconson (Stevens Point). They have a Masters of Science in environmental education/interpretation or youth programming. The University of Arizona has a Teaching Certificate, and/or Education Masters, which sounds promising. There is also a Fast Track Teaching program offered at Xavier University of Louisiana. The only programs offered on the West Coast are not in things I am interested in, or I don't think I will qualify. That's unfortunate. Although most of the programs are less than two years old, so maybe in another couple of years when we get back there will be new opprotunities.

I think we'll stay here for the coming year. Maybe we'll come back from the PC and I'll want to stay in Ames for the rest of my life. I won't want to move ever.

Somehow I don't think so.

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