Projects up the wazoo

I have been busy!

Today I made signage. There are little tags for the family wedding portraits, and guest book. I also painted some big pieces of plywood Jeff had stored at home. So if you are driving to the wedding or rehearsal dinner, be on the look out for these. They will be random assorted shapes.

Then I went to HyVee and Wheatsfield Grocery and compared their prices on organic stuff. HyVee is coming out on top so far. Wheatfield only wins in the bulk department, and all I need in that department is flour. I also called the Berry Patch and tried to convince them to keep their strawberry plants producing for one more week. They have promised that I shall get what ever they have available Friday. I still need to call the organic eggs lady and tell her I need 10 dozen eggs.

I haven't completed my official cost estimate, but I think it will be about $100 higher than my original non-organic cost estimate. It's a lot more work to go organic, but it has been interesting to see how things compare.

I have also been testing different types of local flowers for their ability to hold up out of water. Here are some test runs I did for bridesmaid bouquets. This is right after I made them. I really like the look of the Queen Ann's Lace with peony leave on the left right.

However, you can see that after 11 hours, they are a bit weepy. However, I think they will hold up for the wedding, I could even make a second set as back-up if they get to wilted. I think each bridesmaid will have a slightly different bouquet.

Jeff has also been busy. He cast our wedding rings today. Yeah!

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