So Tired

Yesterday was my last day of work. It was fine, I wound up doing inventory for a good chunk of it, which threw off my watering schedule. I had a nice little system worked out where I would water on the west side of the building in the morning when it was shady, then hang out inside from 11-1 or so to miss the worst of the heat of the day, then water the east side, when it started to get shady. This meant I didn't get burnt, but with my schedule all off from inventory, I was in the sun all day and I got burnt.

There was one exciting thing. A customer spotted a baby raccoon behind some of our plants. He was just a little guy, about the size of a kitten. He probably came up for the cat food we leave out back. So we kept an eye on him and called the vet next door, they called this lovely women who came with big black leather gloves and caught him. He did put up a little bit of a fight making angry growling noises and such. It reminded me of the when Simba is a cub in the Lion King and trying to growl. The entire time he was growling, she was talking so him like a baby, "look at how cute you are, where's your mama?, I bet she doesn't know your here, you're going to come with me and live in a big pen until your ready to be released in a place you won't get in trouble, come here sweety." Just this constant nice talk as the little raccoon tried its best to fight his way out. Once she had him, he continued to try and bite her glove and wriggle. Then he would forget himself and just look at us wonderingly, then he's remember he was being fierse and try growling and biting again. He looked a lot like this: Then she put him in a cat carrier and off they went to a place that rehabilitates raccoons and then relocates them to less human populated areas.

There have been other exciting things going on, but I must convince Jeff to get up so we can pick up his car from its oil change.

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  1. Anonymous6/02/2006

    congrats on the "freedom!" see you in a few weeks...