We have arrived

We rolled into Ames at about two Wednesday morning. The drive was fine, relatively uneventful and mind numbingly long. I did get through 1.5 books on tape.

Our apartment is huge! Especially when compared to our place is Savannah. You could fit our entire Savannah apartment in the living room of this place. It feels almost vulgar to have this much room. There is a huge closet in the bedroom and two additional ones in the hallway. I wish I could convey just how little space we had in Savannah. Imagine if you made an apartment in the style of a dorm room, and didn't loft any of the furniture. Now put big shutters over the windows, so it is kind of dark and gloomy, that was our apartment. This apartment only has three windows, but they actually let in light! At some point I decided the cheapness of a kitchen could be decided by the number of drawers a kitchen has. The place in Savannah had two. This kitchen has six.

Really it isn't that this apartment is so wonderful, just in comparison. The trim is this ugly stained to look like dark oak, and all the wall are boring off-white, it has that feeling of late 70's early 80's. The refrigerator is so old, it has a metal interior.

I guess we'll be here for at least two months, maybe we'll extend the lease for the next year, but who knows?

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