Wedding Accessories

Last night Sara and Sarah came over and finished the signs for me. They are such great friends.

It was also the first night I tried on all my wedding attire together. Here is my beautiful necklace. Marigold made it for me out of beads from family necklaces, some of her own beads, and some she bought. Last night Sara added a couple more beads. Both my family and Jeff's are represented on this necklace. It is probably my favorite wedding touch so far. Marigold also made little dangles for the pearl studs Jeff gave me. Then for my something borrowed, I have Aunt Kris's pearl bracelet. And just because I really liked it, my beaded clutch.

I love the way it all came together with all my jewelry and shoes and no panty-line undergarmets. My dress still fits like a glove. I looked so pretty. It was also hot, in like I was sweating, kind of hot. I hope there is a stiff breeze all day.

From the looks of the weather if it doesn't rain, it will at least be windy. There is no back up location if it rains, so bring an umbrella. However, the weather looks really nice for Friday, which is more important, because the rehearsal dinner will last a lot longer than our wedding.

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