The wedding plans march forward

You'd think that since neither Jeff, nor I have jobs, we'd have lots of spare time to unpack our stuff. Instead we have been slowly, but steadily working our way through a monsterous To Do List. Lots has gotten done like ironing all the napkins, changing rentals, meeting with the church ladies, getting groomsman shirts, finding table center pieces, and bringing in furniture to our apartment. I keep thinking, "when this wedding is over, then I'll work on _____." Suprisingly similar to how I used to think, "when I get back to Ames, then I'll work on _____." Although things keep getting checked off, I am having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, an exciting thought is, that tomorrow the ten day forcast will show our wedding date. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for good weather. Already it looks like we will have good weather for the rehearsal dinner!

Also, I stopped in at Mary Kay's Flowers and gifts to talk about my wedding flowers and they had an interesting orchid I might use for my hair, it is green with a purple throat. The colors are not quite as intense as this, but similar. Do you think I should go with the green and purple (which are the colors we basically wound up with for the wedding) or should I go will a basic white/cream? or basic green? Or all three? or I could just cover my head with all different kinds of orchids and avoid having to "do my hair" in the morning.

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  1. Will you be carrying a bouquet?
    I think I like the all green one. Didn't you say Jeff will have something greenish on? Might be nice to bring some of his color over to you, wedding picture-wise.