We're Back

The honeymoon was lovely. We went to gardens, restaurants, fishing, snorkling, waterfall climbing and shopping. We have lots of pictures up on snapfish.

Unfortunately on the flights back to Iowa, Jeff got sick. He got some form of food poisoning. After a rough night, he's doing better now. He's not 100% yet, but he's getting better. Hopefully he'll be feeling good so we can leave on time for Adam's wedding.


A link from Paul's website

I stole this video link from Paul's blog, because I think it is just so damn interesting. You should watch the whole thing. It's a really well done slide show showing the trends in World Health and Wealth. It's way more interesting than it sounds.

World Health and Income Stats



Five days until we leave for the honeymoon. Here's the link to the Victorian House. This is where we'll be staying. I don't think we'll have a suit with a hottub, but even the "superior" rooms (the lowest level or room) look nice.



I can't tell you all how nice it is to be in Iowa again with Sarah and Sara. It has been a long time since the three of us were in the same town. I missed having a common past with friends. Friends who have grown with me, known my family, known all my ups and downs and been their for me consistantly.

The other day I was trying to explain how both Sara and Sarah can spend a little bit of time with me and then manage to say just the right things to make me smile. The right compliment in the right place and suddenly all my confidence is restored. In the last week I have gotten ice-cream, soda and water up my nose from laughing so hard and having such a good time with them.

I couldn't ask for better friends. This is my ode to Sara and Sarah, the best friends a girl could have!


Last Typhoid pill, first malaria pill

I am so snotty and gross today. The day you take the typhoid pill is always the worst. The "rest day" in between is a lot better. However, this is the last typhoid pill. We can take our first malaria pill today, but it has to be with food (the typhoid pill has to be taken on an empty stomach). So probably tonight with dinner. The only side effect of the malaria pill is lucid dreams. That's way more fun than a snotty nose and sore throat.

Jeff did some checking around with our resort yesterday. (I spent the entire time reading the most recent Wheel of Time, which I still am not finished with.) He learned there is a shuttle that will pick us up from the airport for $15 and take us right to the resort. That is awesome! I thought we might have to take a cab or figure out the bus schedule or something.

We also rediscovered, we have a 17 hour lay over in New York on the way there. So we started emailing friends we know in New York. The only sad part is our layover is from 6 pm to 11 am, so there won't be that much we can do. Maybe we'll find a Hostel or something and just sleep.

It's exciting our honeymoon is just over a week away! I have started to think about packing, as in setting things aside that will be packed. What we really should do is laundry and take out the stuff we want to bring so it will be clean. We are eating with my parents tonight, so we should bring the laundry. Yeah, that sounds like a plan!


Coming out of the wedding haze

Two weeks is about the time needed to recover from your own wedding. We are beginning to settle in here. Jeff hung the pictures on the walls and there are just a couple things sitting by the door that need to be returned to people.

We went to the travel clinic the other day. You know, since we are honeymooning in the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks. After a lecture on not drinking the water, we were treated to a sampling of vaccines and pills. We both got hepatitis A, typhiod pills, and malaria pills. I got a bonus tetanus shot.

The only real knowledge of typhoid I have is that in The Oregon Trail you could die from it. Then it will say "Here Lies John; he died of Typhoid Fever". The typhoid pills are live vaccine that is taken every other day. Since it is typhoid, there is the possibility you will feel a little sick. Jeff and I both have had sore throats and sniffling. Still it is way better than actually getting typhoid.