Coming out of the wedding haze

Two weeks is about the time needed to recover from your own wedding. We are beginning to settle in here. Jeff hung the pictures on the walls and there are just a couple things sitting by the door that need to be returned to people.

We went to the travel clinic the other day. You know, since we are honeymooning in the Dominican Republic in a couple weeks. After a lecture on not drinking the water, we were treated to a sampling of vaccines and pills. We both got hepatitis A, typhiod pills, and malaria pills. I got a bonus tetanus shot.

The only real knowledge of typhoid I have is that in The Oregon Trail you could die from it. Then it will say "Here Lies John; he died of Typhoid Fever". The typhoid pills are live vaccine that is taken every other day. Since it is typhoid, there is the possibility you will feel a little sick. Jeff and I both have had sore throats and sniffling. Still it is way better than actually getting typhoid.


  1. Anonymous7/04/2006

    Hey Foy, when are you getting those $2000 pictures?

  2. You mean $2200 pictures? The photographer is under contract to have 200 printed proofs to us by August 19. So it could be a bit, or not, just depends on how busy he is. I guess I should email him.