Lost and Found

It happened today. I looked down and there was no ring on my finger. I had moved my wedding band to my middle finger earlier in the day because it was loose. Of course, right when I was helping a customer, I noticed it was gone. So I couldn't just drop to the floor and search for it. Once the customer was gone, Mel helped me and we searched all over. It didn't take more than 15 minutes to find it in the bottom of a crate of arrangements I had just packed up.

I had a couple of momentary flashes of what if my ring is gone forever? It made me really sad. I like my ring, I like the fact Jeff cast in out of the same batch of metal with his ring. I like they are a match set out of an unusual metal. Getting a new ring just wouldn't be the same. Not to mention kind of expensive.

Now that I have it back, I think my ring might need to be resized. I don't want to go through that again.

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  1. Don'r resize! Don't resize! You're still in your early-mid-twenties and first year of marriage! The metaboloism will drop! I'm sorry to break the news, but it's true. I re-sized mine right away and now it is a little too small. And especially after the pregnancy, I don't know when it will fit again. And it costs more to re-size up. Get a plain, thin ring guard instead to place in front of it. My mom and sister told me to do that and I didn't believe them. But they knew, they knew. . .