Waking Up Cold

Last night we slept with the windows open per-usual. We haven't been running the air conditioner to help save with energy costs and acclimate us to doing with out. This morning it was cold. I normally cuddle up to Jeff when I fall a sleep, but shift to sleeping on my back some time during the night. This morning I woke up completely wrapped around him. He makes a great heater. According to weather.com the over night low was only 60. Maybe I'm getting soft to cold weather. I haven't been through an Iowa winter in two years. Although, it's pretty sad if 60 feels cold.

I have been working on botanically correct embroidered pillow cases recently, but they may get put on hold so I can start a nice warm quilt. I planned to use the miss-matched napkins from our wedding to make the quilt. I've never tried to make one before. I'm sure it is one of those things that will take a lot longer than I think it should. If I am lucky I might get it done before we go on Peace Corps.

Writing of which, we start our Spanish class tonight. It should be interesting. I hope we aren't too far behind.

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