We are back again

We are back, again. This time from Adam and Emily's wedding. We drove to PA on the 26 and 27 of July. Then we had one nice relaxing day in the Amish Stay Vacation House before the masses arrived. The house Adam had rented was really nice. We had a completely furnished kitchen, nine beds and three full baths. However, even a five bedroom house feels crowded when you get 17-19 people in it. Most of our friends car pooled or flew or took the train in. So for all these people we had four cars. Mine was one of those cars. My car was picking people up at the train/bus station or taking people to rehearsals and dinners on what felt like an hourly basis. Luckily other people drove it, some of the time. It was just a matter of keeping track of the keys.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I forgot to put on deodorant when I was getting ready for the wedding. What’s a girl to do? With the limited bathroom space, I tried to be speedy in my toiletries, but why is it always the deodorant that I forget? Of course, it was hot and humid. I spent the whole wedding with my arms slightly out to better increase circulation. Luckily one of Emily's friends came to the rescue and snuck in some antiperspirant from her car.

Despite my armpit faux pas, I enjoyed the wedding. I tried to take a picture and my camera just wouldn’t cooperate so I am sponging this picture from Lisa’s blog.

The ceremony was really nice and there was one point, right after the vows, where the entire congregation was a chorus of sniffles. The reception was very romantic. I met more of Jeff’s family. I can’t keep track of them all. My feet were very tired by the end of the night. After a little clean up, it felt really good to go back to the house and take a shower.

Monday morning we all packed up, dropped off people at the train station and drove back across the country. Back at the ranch, we are recovering from our travels and tomorrow I will start work at Mary Kay’s Flowers.

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