We have been in our apartment now for four months. I am just now getting to foofing. Foofing is a term I created to discribe being a florist. Foofing is the finishing touches on a project that make it more aesthetically pleasing. This in no way applies to functionality or practicality. I usually have all the components generally where I want them, then I go in and foof them until they look pretty. This often happens with flower arrangements or merchandise displays. Or in this case, our apartment. It has been catalyzed by my want of a dinner party.

We'll be giving a dinner party instead of presents [for Christmas] this year. I am thinking sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ll have two dinner parties, one for family and one for friends. The dinner party is going to have a theme. I have been out shopping, not only for the ingredients so I can try out the recipes, but also for the little touches that will create the atmosphere. So far Jeff has been happy to eat my first endeavors, but really doesn‘t have much of an opinion on the party aspect. I’m not sure he’s even noticed the foofing.


What to make for dinner?

I just got home from work and there's nothing to eat. What shall I make for dinner? The age old question. I am endeavoring to keep our meat consumption down to two meals a week. It's less impact environmentally to eat meat and vegetarian has the bonus of being less expensive... usually. We had black and blue burgers two nights ago, so we've had one meat dish maybe we should have the other tonight. Eggs sound good though, maybe I'll make a quiche. That does sound good. How about Spinach Quiche? Think I can find fresh spinach in the grocery store yet? Probably not. I think I'll go with the vegetarian or maybe leek and goat cheese.

Alright, I am off to the grocery!

*Update* I bought all the groceries then remembered it was Wednesday. On Wednesday we eat dinner with my parents. Tonight was Mandarin food, which is more exciting than me making food. I guess we'll have quiche tomorrow night.


Congratulations Huck

Congratulations Huck! You have great parents.

The Steve and Marigold plus fetus link is officially updated to Steve and Marigold plus baby.


Homes have more TVs than People

This is ridiculous. The average American house hold has 2.5 people and 2.7 TVs.
David and Teresa Leon of Schenectady, New York and their four-year-old twins have seven sets, plus an eighth they haven't set up yet. They include TVs in both the parents' and kids' bedrooms, the family and living rooms and one in the kitchen that is usually turned to a news station.

I am dumb struck. My children will not have a TV in their bedroom. Here's a great quote:

"No one ever sits down for more than a few seconds in this house," said Teresa, a stenographer. "This way you can watch TV while you're moving from room to room, folding laundry or taking care of the kids."

You might as well just install big panel TVs put in the wall a la Fahrenheit 451 and have "the cousins" constantly talking to you. It's not that I think all TV should be eliminated, but if you watch the average 4 hours and 30 minutes, like most Americans, do you really remember what you watched? Do you have anything to show for that time spent? I mean other than a desire for all the products advertised?

All right, I am done now.


Crack Frost

Frost, I scraped it off my car windows yesterday. This is the first time my car has been through freezing temperatures since the hooligans broke out the back window. Mysteriously after they broke out my side window, a crack appeared on the right side of my windshield. For a while I watched it eek its way up the window, until it got about 8 inches long. It'd been that way for eight months, but now it is growing again. I blame the freezing temperatures. In one direction it now touches the edge of the window, but the other end still has at least another foot or two to get to before it can dead end. Should I be worried about it? Right now it is just kind of fascinating. I wouldn't put the money in to fix the windshield anyways.


Yet another reason to eat locally produced food.

The E Coli laced spinach has now been reported in 19 states. And I am glad. Not because people got nasty cases of food poisoning, but because it brings the issue of buying locally produced food into the spot light. I am a big fan of organic food. It is usually produced in a more sustainable manner than other stuff on the grocery store shelves. I am an even bigger fan of local produce. Given the choice (and the budget) I buy local. Local products don't travel as far which equals less gasoline used. Shorter transport also means less packaging and processing is required. Not to mention the food usually tastes better, and has less preservatives. Buying local means we put money back into our local economy. According to LocalHarvest.org 82 cents of every dollar we spend at grocery store goes to the middlemen and only 18 cents goes to the farmer. Plus buying local means you are a lot less likely to get E Coli because some gigantic corporation decided to cut corners on their food production and distribution.

For more information on where to buy local go to LocalHarvest.org and put in your zip code in the upper left corner.


Flower Convention

On Sunday I went to the Iowa Florists Association convention in Des Moines. I learned a couple of tricks of the trade as well as witnessed Mary Kay and Allen get life time achievement awards. That was pretty neat. I also sat in on two of the demonstrations and got some good inspiration. There were all these edgy, modern, creations. Half the customers here would demand their money back if we sent them something like those, but I might be able to upgrade some of our designs into something a little more modern and fun.

The best part was at the end of the convention they gave away a bunch of the flowers they didn't use. I probably took home a retail value of $250 worth of flowers. I made my mom a nice big center piece and I made this for myself out of some left over foliages:


American English

Your Linguistic Profile:
65% General American English
15% Upper Midwestern
10% Yankee
5% Dixie
0% Midwestern
I find it interesting that I don't speak any Midwestern, it's probably because I don't say pop anymore, unless of course it is reference to a vending machine. Those are still pop machines. However, I drink cans of soda. Click here for an interesting break down of soda names across america, displayed in map form.
One of the questions was, "Do you use the word cruller?" I don't know what that word is. I just looked it up in The Urban Dictionary, apparently it is a fried twisted piece of bread in the shape of a horse shoe. So basically a funny shaped donut. The only pictures I can find, however, are donut shaped. I think I have seen those before. I would have just referred to it as a donut.


RIP Crocodile Hunter, John and Katie

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, died over the weekend, so did this couple. I didn't know John and Katie at all, but apparently they both went to my high school and she was a grade ahead of me. Katie was a lawyer and John was a doctor, they hydroplaned while driving to Okoboji for Labor Day (also their one year wedding anniversary). Katie and their dog died instantly, and John died hours later in an emergency room.

Steve Irwin, and John and Katie all died in an unexpected accidents well before their time. However, I feel more for Steve Irwin, the TV personality, than I do for the local couple. I felt like I knew the Crocodile Hunter. I knew his passions and saw him cry over the loss of his crocodile. It's making me feel guilty. I should care more about the promising young couple from Iowa. Why does the Crocodile Hunter, getting a stingray barb through his heart, seem more haunting?

Ode to My Food Processor

I got two days off in a row! This is very exciting and doesn't happen with the current set-up of my work schedule. I used it to it's full advantage by staying home. I sat at home and played Heroes of Might and Magic Sunday.

Monday I decided I should actually be productive, so I made lots of food. I biked to the garden and collected five pounds of tomatoes, then I came home and blanched them. Using my lovely food processor, I made the tomatoes into a chunky puree. It is possible to have a chunky puree? Maybe I should just say chunky slop of tomato, but that doesn't sound near as appetizing. The food processor is one of the things that Target gave us for a wedding gift. (See note at end of post.) This is the first time I have used my food processor to make something other than hummus. While it does a wonderful job of making my wonderful hummus, quickly and smoothly, it was really gratifying to watch it process whole tomatoes into a chunky tomato slop in four seconds. As long as I was processing things, I shredded zucchini to make zucchini bread, and shredded roasted eggplant for bahagian bharta (eggplant curry). Then I baked and cooked to my heart's content. I have something partially made for dinner every day this week.

I also did laundry and washed the kitchen floor. It was a very productive day.

Note: Target gave us a nice wedding gift, did I tell you? When combining our many gift cards and returns into one gift card the customer service girl somehow doubled the value of our card. So when we bought all our new purchases with the gift card, thinking we had about used up the whole value, lo and behold there was slightly more money left on the card then what we should have started with. Thank you Target for that very nice gift. We used it to buy my food processor and bookshelves.