We have been in our apartment now for four months. I am just now getting to foofing. Foofing is a term I created to discribe being a florist. Foofing is the finishing touches on a project that make it more aesthetically pleasing. This in no way applies to functionality or practicality. I usually have all the components generally where I want them, then I go in and foof them until they look pretty. This often happens with flower arrangements or merchandise displays. Or in this case, our apartment. It has been catalyzed by my want of a dinner party.

We'll be giving a dinner party instead of presents [for Christmas] this year. I am thinking sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ll have two dinner parties, one for family and one for friends. The dinner party is going to have a theme. I have been out shopping, not only for the ingredients so I can try out the recipes, but also for the little touches that will create the atmosphere. So far Jeff has been happy to eat my first endeavors, but really doesn‘t have much of an opinion on the party aspect. I’m not sure he’s even noticed the foofing.

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