Ode to My Food Processor

I got two days off in a row! This is very exciting and doesn't happen with the current set-up of my work schedule. I used it to it's full advantage by staying home. I sat at home and played Heroes of Might and Magic Sunday.

Monday I decided I should actually be productive, so I made lots of food. I biked to the garden and collected five pounds of tomatoes, then I came home and blanched them. Using my lovely food processor, I made the tomatoes into a chunky puree. It is possible to have a chunky puree? Maybe I should just say chunky slop of tomato, but that doesn't sound near as appetizing. The food processor is one of the things that Target gave us for a wedding gift. (See note at end of post.) This is the first time I have used my food processor to make something other than hummus. While it does a wonderful job of making my wonderful hummus, quickly and smoothly, it was really gratifying to watch it process whole tomatoes into a chunky tomato slop in four seconds. As long as I was processing things, I shredded zucchini to make zucchini bread, and shredded roasted eggplant for bahagian bharta (eggplant curry). Then I baked and cooked to my heart's content. I have something partially made for dinner every day this week.

I also did laundry and washed the kitchen floor. It was a very productive day.

Note: Target gave us a nice wedding gift, did I tell you? When combining our many gift cards and returns into one gift card the customer service girl somehow doubled the value of our card. So when we bought all our new purchases with the gift card, thinking we had about used up the whole value, lo and behold there was slightly more money left on the card then what we should have started with. Thank you Target for that very nice gift. We used it to buy my food processor and bookshelves.

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