RIP Crocodile Hunter, John and Katie

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, died over the weekend, so did this couple. I didn't know John and Katie at all, but apparently they both went to my high school and she was a grade ahead of me. Katie was a lawyer and John was a doctor, they hydroplaned while driving to Okoboji for Labor Day (also their one year wedding anniversary). Katie and their dog died instantly, and John died hours later in an emergency room.

Steve Irwin, and John and Katie all died in an unexpected accidents well before their time. However, I feel more for Steve Irwin, the TV personality, than I do for the local couple. I felt like I knew the Crocodile Hunter. I knew his passions and saw him cry over the loss of his crocodile. It's making me feel guilty. I should care more about the promising young couple from Iowa. Why does the Crocodile Hunter, getting a stingray barb through his heart, seem more haunting?

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