Yet another reason to eat locally produced food.

The E Coli laced spinach has now been reported in 19 states. And I am glad. Not because people got nasty cases of food poisoning, but because it brings the issue of buying locally produced food into the spot light. I am a big fan of organic food. It is usually produced in a more sustainable manner than other stuff on the grocery store shelves. I am an even bigger fan of local produce. Given the choice (and the budget) I buy local. Local products don't travel as far which equals less gasoline used. Shorter transport also means less packaging and processing is required. Not to mention the food usually tastes better, and has less preservatives. Buying local means we put money back into our local economy. According to LocalHarvest.org 82 cents of every dollar we spend at grocery store goes to the middlemen and only 18 cents goes to the farmer. Plus buying local means you are a lot less likely to get E Coli because some gigantic corporation decided to cut corners on their food production and distribution.

For more information on where to buy local go to LocalHarvest.org and put in your zip code in the upper left corner.

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  1. Anonymous9/19/2006

    Indeed (and thanks for that link!). Downtown Raleigh recently started a farmer's market on Wednesdays for those who grow their own to sell...it's been lovely. I am now a huge arugula fan! Yesterday, I did buy apples at the store...but with fall nearing, I'm craving an apple picking trip. I wonder if NC has apple orchards...