Happy Holloween

It is taking the cutest animal and crossing it with the second cutest animal. I can't help but love it. For more enjoyable pet costumes look here.


Way Back

I noticed on Aprille's site that she has a little 'Examine Your Life 10 Years Ago' quiz. I don't intend to do the quiz, but I will take a quick look back.

October 1996

I was 15 and a sophomore in high school. I broke up with Ankur that October, I think. We dated February to October, which was a horribly long time for high schoolers. However, we never were a good match. I went to Homecoming with Ankur and some of his friends. I wore this really cute outfit, but for some reason I decided to wear green tights with it. I guess I was making up for not having been able to go to dances in the 80's. I don't remember if Sarah was dating Arno or Mike at that point, but it was some time around then. It wouldn't be until after Christmas that I started to notice Jeff. However, we were both shy and we wouldn't get together until Homecoming our junior year.


Threadless Sale

Threadless is having their before the holidays sale on T-shirts . All are just $10 for the next two days. (Normally girls' Ts are $18 and boys' are $15.) They also have really cute kids T's if you happen to have children to buy for. If I had kids [to buy for] I'd get them this one:

Note: This site is running really slowly (probably cuz this is such a good sale) here's direct link to their stock chart.


Crappy Fajitas

The other night I decided to make Fajitas as I didn't want to spend the time it takes to make home made enchiladas. So I went to the grocery and picked up this Fajita Seasoning Mix. All my ingredients were fresh and cooked to just that right amount of sautéed crispiness. However, the entire meal tasted chemically. No amount of diced avocados, cheese or sour cream could cover up the terrible tongue curdling taste. I looked though the ingredients in the seasoning package and it must have been the powdered citric acid. How did something that nasty ever make it on the market? From now on I will season fajitas on my own. Lesson learned.


Girl's Weekend

So a couple weekends ago we had our first Girl's Weekend. We started small with just the four of us, Sara, Sarah, Lisa and me. To avoid the ISU vs. UNI traffic we headed to Des Moines for the day where we shopped until we dropped, or rather decided to take a break and go to a place an on-break stylist recommended called Latin King. It looked like a creepy ware house on the street side and like this on the parking lot side. They even had real grape vines growing on their trellis. Definitely a diamond in the rough restaurant.

I thought all the food was yummy. The highlight being this tasty bread with butter. The butter was some how more smooth and creamy and good than any I have ever had. Between the bread and the salad I was too full for my meal. I had the specialty of the house. I don't remember what it was called, but it was very good. I left the doggy bag at Sarah's. I hope she ate it, because it was too good to waste.

After dinner we found the holy grail of sweaters. Sarah had spotted a sales clerk for Pennies wearing this sweater. Upon questioning she discovered it was purchased from Old Navy. I think a total of eight sweaters like this were bought by the Sara(h)s. Between the two of them they got one of every color. I could only find the boring tan color online, but this my friend, is a sweater worth shopping nine hours for:



I haven't had allergies since I was a kid. However, when we visited Reiman Gardens on Sunday I had an Allergy Attack. I have no idea what I got into. I couldn't stop sneezing, my nose was all runny, and my eyes were red. I was a mess. I took a shower and then some Benadryl which, enven though expired, promptly knocked me out. When I woke up, 12 hours later, I was fine. I didn't start sneezing or wheezing until after we got back, so I did get some fun photos: