Happy Birthday Sara!

Happy Birthday to Sara!

Love You !



I realize I am not hip to all the internet entertainments, and I am sure this is old. None the less, enjoy. (This has sound.)


No Nussle

As of 11 PM CNN predicts that Nussle will not win Governor of Iowa.

Thank God. I hate negative campaigning, and Nussle and Culver definitely did their fair share. However, it was Nussle's positive self-promoting radio commercials that really made me loath him. I don't normally abhor politics. Dislike, bemoan, deplore sure all of those are my normal feelings. But Jim Nussle really got to me this round. Here is my interpretation of what I hear when Nussle's radio ad runs:

"I am Jim Nussle and I am running for Governor. I support building a really big wall all around Mexico, not unlike the Berlin Wall, but bigger. I also support buying more missiles, missile defense systems and generally increasing our bloated defense budget to at least 100% of our country’s budget. At the same time, I am also going to cut spending. I make scary empty promises. That's the Jim Nussle way, that's the American way. "

I tried to find the actual script for the radio commercial, but I couldn't. So you are just going to have to take my word on this and be thankful Culver [is predicted to have] won.


Open House

This weekend was Mary Kay's Open House as well as Not Tom's Birthday Party. It was a busy week for me. I racked up the over time, getting the shop ready, as well as, keeping the flowers flowing for a wedding or two and the regular daily orders. Last week my average day was leaving the apartment at 7:45 and returning at 6:30. Mary Kay's took pity on me Saturday and sent me home at noon. Which gave me bonus time to make cup cakes and tidy up the house. I even got Her Faces hung over the table instead of the bogie board which had been up there.

Saturday night we proved you can fit 12 people comfortably in our apartment, although it can get noisy at times. This is good to know because my dinner party plans are for 12 people. Sunday I was back again at Mary Kay's for day two of the Open House. Blessedly, I have today off and I am languidly enjoying staying at home doing nothing.