No Nussle

As of 11 PM CNN predicts that Nussle will not win Governor of Iowa.

Thank God. I hate negative campaigning, and Nussle and Culver definitely did their fair share. However, it was Nussle's positive self-promoting radio commercials that really made me loath him. I don't normally abhor politics. Dislike, bemoan, deplore sure all of those are my normal feelings. But Jim Nussle really got to me this round. Here is my interpretation of what I hear when Nussle's radio ad runs:

"I am Jim Nussle and I am running for Governor. I support building a really big wall all around Mexico, not unlike the Berlin Wall, but bigger. I also support buying more missiles, missile defense systems and generally increasing our bloated defense budget to at least 100% of our country’s budget. At the same time, I am also going to cut spending. I make scary empty promises. That's the Jim Nussle way, that's the American way. "

I tried to find the actual script for the radio commercial, but I couldn't. So you are just going to have to take my word on this and be thankful Culver [is predicted to have] won.

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