Best and Worst of 2006

Inspiration from Marigold

We started the year in Savannah, Georgia.
In January, I left my job at Peacock's Flower Shop and took a new job at a plant nursery in Savannah. I was more in my element talking plants with home gardeners and hanging out with some pretty cool employees. This counts towards the best.
The worst happened in April when Jeff was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. It wasn't fun. He wound up with a lot of stitches and staples and continues to pull glass out of his arm. Thankfully, none of it is permanent damage. He's working through the insurance papers to get all of the expenses covered.
In June, it was sad to leave fabulous friends behind when Jeff got his Master's in Fine Art Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design and we made the cross country journey back to Iowa.
June was a big month for us, we found out that our applications were accepted for the Peace Corps and we were nominated for a program some where in Latin America.

Also in June, Jeff and I held hands and took the grand leap into matrimony. Not much has changed other than we now sport matching rings. I kept my name, he kept his and we still live together and sleep together. I guess one change is that I can say "sleep together" around our parents.
After a fabulous honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, Jeff came home with Shigella. This resulted in a trip to the emergency room so we could be at Adam (Jeff's brother) and Emily's wedding at the end of July. In August, I went back to work for Mary Kay's Flowers, the same shop I worked part time for through college, only now I am full time and a designer. Jeff took up a job at Target. And Both of us are taking DMACC Spanish classes at night. Once we get past Spanish 201 we will be ready to leave for the Peace Corps, this May.

In December Jeff was offered a job as a Teaching Assistant for this Middle School. He started this week. This job has benefits!

This has been a year of considerable change for us. We've moved, married, graduated, worked and traveled. I am grateful for all the people that walked a bit with us along our journey this year. Next year promises new roads. I am getting a little cliché here, so let's just leave it at: 2006 was memorable and 2007 is much anticipated.


My husband, Jeff's birthday was on the 12th.

(I still feel a little wierd about calling him my husband, although not as wierd as I feel about being called a wife. It reminds me a of how when we first started getting to know each other that we would call it "hanging out" before we'd admit that we were dating.)

Today we are going to celebrate Jeff's birthday by eating at Ohana's Steakhouse. Where preparation for eating is as much fun as the eating. Jeff and I went to Ohana's for his birthday once before. And this is how it turned out:
We'll make sure to get another picture this time.


Pete and Repeat

I spent most of the afternoon entering 30-some odd orders into the computer at work. We have an old Teleflora system that keeps track of our orders. For every order I had to retype the card message:
Happy holidays and best wishes for a prosperous and joyous New Year!
Your Friends at The S**** C******** Co.

I really wish there was a way to cut and paste. I really, really wish that.


Decemeber Update

I haven't been updating much recently and what I have been updating doesn't have much to do with the big things in my life. So here is your Foy and Jeff's Life Supplement.

This fall Jeff and I have been taking Spanish 102. We probably have the two highest grades in the class. It's only DMACC after all. We have learned 85% of the tenses and technically should have the know how to say pretty much anything we like. However, knowing the rules and applying them seem to be two different things. Spanish 201, which we will take this Spring, focuses more on putting together all the things we have already learned.
I can't wait to just be fluent and stop worrying about whether to us por or para.

As for the Peace Corps, I am still getting together my medical stuff. I just need to get my eye examination and finish up the dental stuff. Jeff's medical stuff has been done for a while. Once everything gets handed in, we will get the official go-ahead. They still probably won't tell us where we are going, but they might tell us when.

Jeff had a job interview today with the middle school for a Teaching Assistant job. Jeff is looking forward to telling Target they'll have to add one more position to their holiday hiring list. It would be a really nice birthday present if they gave him a job! Also, working for the Ames School District has some nice benefits. Jeff's not home yet so, I haven't heard how the interview actually went.

My job is fine. Mary Kay's is very busy. We've been nothing but busy for weeks. I guess it is good job security. I love all the people at shop and it is nice to be needed.

The last item is Jeff and I watched Season 1 of Lost and are now watching Season 2. It is very addictive. I don't know what we are going to do when we actually have to wait a week between episodes. Why do they have to type in those numbers ever 108 minutes?