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The Prestige: A movie about magicians, good, quite good for $1.50. It had some nice plot twists. It has been a while since I saw a movie with good plot twists. Bonus: we couldn't remember the names of the actors, so Jeff and I referred to them as Batman and Wolverine. It makes for some interesting discussion.

The Spanish Class: We have a decent professor for our 3rd semester Spanish class. He talks mostly in Spanish, I mostly understand it. There are six people in the class, one who is Puerto Richen. That just doesn't seem fair some how.

Peace Corps: We have all our medical in now. All that is left is for me to have my cavity filled and get two pair of glasses. Jeff needs one more pair of glasses. We went to a Peace Corps dinner the other night. There were about 25 other people there who had been on, or were going on Peace Corps. You could really single out the people who had been verses the ones who were applied.

My car wouldn't start: Apparently my car doesn't like it when the temperature is below ten degrees. Even when Jeff jumped my car, it wouldn't start yesterday. Today, he jumped it and it started just fine. My dad said it might have something to do with not having enough water in the battery. He showed Jeff and I where to look and sure enough it was a little low. We added some distilled water with a turkey baster . I had no idea batteries could need water.

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