Anti Ojos

One more thing checked off list. We got glasses today. Well really, we ordered glasses today. We are supposed to bring two pairs of glasses with us. I would rather wear my contacts while in Panama, which we can do, but we still have to have glasses. I'll post pictures when they arrive in a couple weeks or so.


Getting things done

The Peace Corps (PC) sent us our nomination packet on Wednesday. On Monday we accepted our nomination. There are papers in the packet that say we should have them filled out six weeks before our departure. We depart in five weeks (May 12th). So we'd best get going.

We filled out our government issue no fee passport papers last night and got the pictures printed today. We will put that in tomorrow's mail.

We also have ten days to fill out a resume and letter of intent. So it seems we will play the Hurry-Up and Wait game yet again.

Soon we will be sent a list of things to bring with us. Last night Jeff asked, "can I buy deodorant there, what about shampoo?" I assume somewhere in Panama you can buy toiletries. Although with our limited Spanish, I don't know as though we'll be able to figure out which are which. Speaking of toiletries, I came across this picture in a Peace Corps Panama News Letter.
I don't think we are expected to bring two years worth of soap with us. Isn't the point to blend into your community? I, for one, am excited that I won't have to wear make-up for a while. Although, I think I may keep up on the sunscreen.


A Man A Plan A Canal Panama

It is real now. I've been holding a little in reserve just in case this whole Peace Corps thing fell through. However, for the first time I find myself envisioning living in a third world country as a volunteer. Immediately after finding out the name of the country, which is as much as the PC is willing to give with certainty, I looked up information on Panama. Here's some facts:

Temperature: Average of 80 degrees F. There are two seasons, wet and dry.

Size: 76,000 square miles. Iowa is smaller about 56,000 square miles

Fertility Rate: The average woman has 2.7 children.

Money: Panama has it's own coins, but uses American dollar bills. Apparently they've done this since the United States took over and started building The Canal a little over a century ago.

It'll be interesting to see what the Panamanians think of the USA.