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It is real now. I've been holding a little in reserve just in case this whole Peace Corps thing fell through. However, for the first time I find myself envisioning living in a third world country as a volunteer. Immediately after finding out the name of the country, which is as much as the PC is willing to give with certainty, I looked up information on Panama. Here's some facts:

Temperature: Average of 80 degrees F. There are two seasons, wet and dry.

Size: 76,000 square miles. Iowa is smaller about 56,000 square miles

Fertility Rate: The average woman has 2.7 children.

Money: Panama has it's own coins, but uses American dollar bills. Apparently they've done this since the United States took over and started building The Canal a little over a century ago.

It'll be interesting to see what the Panamanians think of the USA.

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  1. santion3/25/2007

    I'm SO excited for you!!!!!!!