Apartment for Rent

Know anyone who wants to sublease an Ames apartment for the summer?

We should be all moved out by May 12th and we have the lease until August. Even someone who would rent it for a month would be helpful.

My plan is to put out some flyers on campus and around Ames. However, the printer is making this aweful grinding noise when I try to print. Guess I'll just have to find some places to list online until Jeff gets a chance to look at it. It is great to have a handy husband.

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  1. Sometimes it is hard getting an apartment since we don´t know the country or how they manage things and we end up getting something really price and not in downtown. To me, the best way to get an apartment in buenos aires is through a rental company that you trust in. If people recommend it, there you are. If there is a lot of advertising, but not word of mouth, you may have doubts. The one I used was recommended by my best friend. I will be forever greatful!