Day 13 - Service Training - Brownies

When we were in Panama City on Sunday Jeff bought a brownie mix. Last night he made brownies for the family. They said they really liked them. This isn’t that good of an indication that they liked them, they’d say that just to be polite even if they tasted terrible. However, a lot of the family went back for seconds and at lunch today Jeff went to look for the leftovers and there were none. I am pretty sure they were a success. Our house mother, Julia, asked if there were vanilla brownies. I told her you can make blondies but they don’t come in the convenient box mix. We’ll have to think of something else to make for our family. I was wondering if I could find all the things to make rice-crispy treats.

This weekend we do our second site visit. Jeff and I will travel together to visit another volunteer (or possibly another volunteer couple). We get to take the local transportation by ourselves. It will be interesting to say the least. We have taken the local buses here as a group with out a staff person, but we have never navigated by ourselves. We find out tomorrow where we will visit. It could be a very close journey or all the way to Boca del Torres.

We have a marginal command of Spanish. However many of the people in our group of 34 have only one week of Spanish classes under the belt. They are going to have to be very self reliant to get where they are going. There are no bus schedules available in a lot of places and you just have to ask to find out when and where the busses leave from. Maybe they’ll consider who knows the most Spanish and send the not experienced speakers to nearby places. I’ll report back on that.

Tonight, we discovered that we will be separated on our first anniversary. Week six is the week we do technical training on site. The Agriculture is separated from the Ecology. It sucks, but I don’t think they’ll change the date for us.

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