End of Packing in Site

We are officially approaching the end of the packing. Most of our belongings are packed away. I have a large pile of things I thought I was going to take on Peace Corps. I got a nice 3100 cubic inch hiking backpack and I have a duffle bag and my book backpack. That should hold everything right? Not a chance, I still have maybe 25% that isn't crammed into them. Granted I didn't really pack as efficiently as I could have, nor did I pack for weight distribution, but still way too much stuff! I have to be able to carry it all myself, so I need to par it down. The toiletries are the heaviest part. A bottle of shampoo and conditioner weigh quite a bit.

Jeff has offered to carry some of my things, but I don't want Jeff to be carrying my stuff. He is going to have the laptop and the solar set up, and the joint toiletries as it is. So we'll see. It is going to take an elaborate process of determining weight vs. worth vs. volume, but I'll get it worked out somehow. I should post a list of what I actually take for posterities sake.

*Update* With a little help from Sarah and Sara I have much less to carry. Jeff pointed out to me that I could even fit it all in two bags. I come in just under 40 lbs of stuff, which is pretty good considering that the maximum weight is 80lbs.

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