Time's Starting To Go By Fast

My last day of work was April 27th. It's been so nice to have a little time off. Not that I haven't had things to do, but at least I don't feel so rushed.

Saturday the 28th, Sarah and Tom hosted a going away party for us as well as for Brandon and Naomi who are moving to Iowa City. It was a fun time. I almost feel like there were too many people to get to talk with all of them. We should have had a big group shot, but I didn't even think of it until today. Lisa did get some nice candids though.

Sunday the 29th I had brunch with two gals I was in 4-H with back in the day. Both have been to Central America. Again it is made clear to me how necessary it is to BYOT, that is bring your own tampons. I went and stocked up today.

Monday the 30th was our Spanish final. It is so wonderful to have that class done! Pienso que hable español bastante se comprenderá.

On Monday our apartment was subleased! Excellent! We have to be cleaned out and ready for inspection by Friday the 11th of May. If anyone wants to help move and clean...

Yesterday and today I started packing. I saved a lot of boxes from work, but I think we will still need more. I've gotten a lot of the bedding/linens and my unnecessary clothes packed up. All that's left in my closet are clothes that may go on Peace Corps. I still haven't gotten it all whittled down yet. I am also missing one shoe. I have a single brown sandal. I know its mate is around here somewhere, I just haven't figured out where that is yet. I really hope it’s not in one of the boxes I already taped shut.

I am also toying with the idea of packing up the kitchen. If we can manage to eat out for the next 10 days we won't need most of the dishes. Tonight we are going out with my work people, and Saturday is Clarissa and Steven’s graduations, but our other nights are pretty open. Anyone want to go out for dinner?


  1. I have some boxes. Come by and I'll stock you up!

  2. Anonymous5/03/2007

    I'd love to go to dinner...there's a great Indian restaurant in Cary...errr...