Day 2 - Service Training - Ciudad de Saber

We have arrived in Panama. We left DC at 7:45 am for our 2:00 pm flight. This resulted in a lot of waiting around at the airport. I did get my power of attorney form notarized. Mom will rest easy now.

Finally we got into Miami and immediately caught the connecting flight to Panama. We came into the country around 7:40 last night.

We were greeted at the airport gate by the second in command of PC Panama and four currently serving volunteers. We got through customs with ease thanks to the presence of the Peace Corps staff. After collecting our luggage we exited and got our first breath of fresh Panamanian air and laughed as people’s glasses fogged over from the sudden humidity and heat. We were ushered onto a bus and driven through Panama City. It could be any other metropolitan if you ignore the billboards in Spanish. We arrived at our Peace Corps training facility an hour later, had a quick dinner and were given our room assignments. Our group of 34 was divided into little living groups.

Each in a little villa with three bedrooms. Our house mates are 3 girls and then Jeff and I. Apparently, they decided to house one married couple per villa and then all the same gender. So lucky Jeff gets to hang with the ladies. On a side note there are currently five volunteer couples in Panama. Our group has five couples in it and effectively doubles the number of married volunteer folk in Panama. After our late dinner we took showers and headed to bed.

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