Writing a Column and Being a Pen-Pal

I talked with the editor of the Ames Tribune today. I had contacted him earlier about writing an opinion column on our journey to Panama. He's excited to "have eyes and ears in Panama". I'm excited too. It looks like I'll write a 500-800 word essay in first person that will relate to the average Iowan about Panama. It will be a quarterly. I am not sure what our schedule will be like, but I think I'll be able to get something out once every three months or so.

The Ames High crowd might remember Bryna Greenlaw. She's currently in Korea and writes a weekly column for the Tribune. I'll be writing something along those lines.

In addition to the column Jeff and I will each have a Correspondence Match , which is basically being a pen-pal for an elementary school class room. Jeff is taking Ryan's fifth grade class and I'm going to work with my Aunt's kindergarten room. In our own little way we hope to bring our experience home.

- Foy

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